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Buy Love Me Like October for FREE on Amazon and other online storefronts.

“He’d been invited to dance with a poet, but his mind slipped through her words and scattered across the floor. 

While their music played, she knelt to pick up his pieces and then strung them into a necklace she’d wear forevermore.”

Within her second poetry chapbook, Love Me Like October, Ann Garcia’s sensual words and nature photography weave themselves into a guide about how to love. She welcomes you to join her on a walk through love’s garden.

Buy Fantastical for Real, paperback or e-book, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Thalia, Bol.de, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Mondadori.

Fantastical for Real invites you to escape adulthood, think outside life’s box, and join Ann Garcia on a (self) love journey via her unique brand of prose poetry. Inspired by a metaphysical connection that resulted in significant inner growth, Fantastical for Real weaves appreciation for nature into Ann’s concept of the creative’s self, the creative’s soul mate, and the potential found inside where hopes and disappointments play tug-of-war while the soul plans its triumph.

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This little e-book, which is written by Dr. Katrina Lopez, the heroine of Ann Garcia’s novel, Rosalie’s Apple Tree, provides a guide for all people who choose to love. Designed for fun, it serves as a point of self-reflection for anyone who finds it useful. While the e-book is a work of fiction, the life experience that led Ann to write these 9 rules is very real. Her wish is for all people to keep their minds and bodies safe and healthy. Katrina knows this, and she’s strong enough to tell her truth.

Meet the Creator

Hi! I’m Ann Garcia, Ph.D., a poet/ writer/ scientist with a creative drive that busts the box and a passion for poetry and prose. I established River Blossoms Press, my greatest creative endeavor, to experience the reward of publishing books that I create.

Because the publishing industry is a big business, many beautiful written works will never be printed simply because they aren’t expected to sell. This is where River Blossoms Press diverges from the worn path.

River Blossoms Press is a publishing house founded for artistic expression.

I have a dream of inviting other writers to submit for publication through River Blossoms Press. My family and I are working on making this dream come true. If you’d like to watch this blossom unfold, please sign up for my newsletter and follow me, Ann Garcia (@solaceinraindrops), on Instagram.


Submissions are currently CLOSED.

At this time, River Blossoms Press is establishing its processes. It is uncertain how soon we will open for submissions. As a small, family-owned publishing house that it just starting out, we are committed to taking our time and focusing on quality as we reach the small goals we set for ourselves.

When the time comes, we will start out by seeking contributors for anthology-style chapbooks containing poetry and/or flash fiction, depending on the theme and focus of the project. Our interests range from literary writing to commercial writing, and each book will be crafted with its own cohesive vibe somewhere on that spectrum. Artistry and individuality are our driving force, so all pieces published by River Blossoms Press will meet our definition of such. If you wish to work with us, do not write like everyone else.

River Blossoms Press will be open to all types of poetry (i.e., rhyming and non-rhyming, metered and non-metered), including prose poetry. When it comes to fiction, we will be looking for very short stories that fit our theme and word limit for each project. Prompts will be provided, and some publications will be invite-only.

As a very new, small press, we will be unable to pay contributors (at first). The reward of publication in an anthology through River Blossoms Press will be that the writer earns an honest publication credit while retaining all rights to their work. We will never have writers pay us to publish their work. We will never require our contributors to purchase our books. We will never take away a contributor’s rights to pieces published in an anthology.

If all goes well with chapbooks, we will begin publishing full-length anthologies (poetry and/or fiction). And we are dreaming big. Someday, we’d love to welcome poets to submit full-length manuscripts for publication with us under a traditional publishing contract.

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