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Rosalie’s Apple Tree

When Aaron’s wife died, so did his passion for art and his hope for family. When a long-lost crush teaches his child with Down syndrome to talk, his heart is won. But her liberated sexuality, which captivates Aaron, awakens his dark obsessive-compulsive disorder that could tear him and his desired family apart.

“Each step closer became heavier with a hope he was afraid to embrace. It was a hope he didn’t want to mistake as his future.”

Rosalie’s Apple Tree, a love story unlike any other, is scheduled for release in June 2023.

Audience: Mature

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about ann

Ann Garcia has a Ph.D. in psychology, a creative drive that never rests, and a passion for photography and words.

Her creative writing, which is highly introspective and evocative, primarily explores nature, self, and love. She draws inspiration from waters and woodlands within the Great Lakes region of the USA and her life as a wife/artist/mother/scientist. Her work can be found in publications by Humana Obscura, Blood Moon Poetry, Sunday Mornings At The River, and others.

Ann is active within the poetry community on Instagram. Find her on Instagram @solaceinraindrops or in the nearest garden where she’s bound to be taking photos of blooms, bees, or slime mold while holding off two corgis and trying not to hear her kids yelling, “Mom!”

praise for ann's writing

"What a lovely book! I thoroughly connected with, and enjoyed Ann's words of love, nature and self. The cover is beautifully designed as well. It would look amazing on any coffee table."

"Your words are like a portrait of autumn."

poetry & photography

Love Me Like October

“He’d been invited to dance with a poet, but his mind slipped through her words and scattered across the floor.

While their music played, she knelt to pick up his pieces and then strung them into a necklace she’d wear forevermore.”

Within her second poetry chapbook, Love Me Like October, Ann Garcia’s sensual words and nature photography weave themselves into a guide about how to love.

Audience: General

prose poetry

Fantastical for Real

Fantastical for Real invites you to escape adulthood, think outside life’s box, and join Ann Garcia on a (self) love journey via her unique brand of prose poetry. Inspired by a metaphysical connection that resulted in significant inner growth, Fantastical for Real weaves appreciation for nature into Ann’s concept of the creative’s self, the creative’s soul mate, and the potential found inside where hopes and disappointments play tug-of-war while the soul plans its triumph.

Audience: General

about river blossoms press

River Blossoms Press is my publishing house, which I founded for artistic expression.

river · ever-flowing life

blossoms · art that grows within

This house neither rushes nor expects and it grows in its own time. Just like my life.


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