A small, independent publishing house focused on artistry & individuality.

Est. 2021

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Meet the Creator

Hi! I’m Ann Garcia, Ph.D., a poet/ writer/ scientist with a creative drive that busts the box and a passion for poetry and prose. I established River Blossoms Press (RB Press), my greatest creative endeavor, to experience the reward of publishing books that I create.

Because the publishing industry is a big business, many beautiful written works will never be printed simply because they aren’t expected to sell. This is where RB Press diverges from the worn path.

River Blossoms Press is a publishing house founded for artistic expression.

I have a dream of inviting other writers to submit for publication through RB Press. Whether RB Press will move beyond strict self-publishing is an uncertainty right now; it is likely to depend on how much outside interest this creative endeavor obtains. If you’d like to watch this blossom unfold, please follow the RB Press Blog and me, Ann Garcia (@solaceinraindrops), on Instagram.

From the RB Press Blog…

Helpful Resources: Cover Design

I am in the process of polishing my first book cover, which I’ve created for my first poetry chapbook, FANTASTICAL FOR REAL. I’m excited to reveal it in the coming weeks, and I hope you’ll stop by to check it out when the time comes! Today, I want to share resources that helped me design it. […]

How IG Created Me

I am a poet with a small, loving following on Instagram (IG) for which I’m grateful. On that account, I combine photography, graphic design, and poetry to create what some have told me is a uniquely aesthetic page. But here’s a little-known fact: My current IG poetry account, @solaceinraindrops, which I started on September 5, […]

Why Self-Publish?

Years of consideration went into my response to this question, and I finally have my answer.  One important thing to understand about me is that I never intended to call myself a poet or writer. Although I enjoyed writing poems and short stories as a teen, I stopped writing creatively when I entered college and […]


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