I wrote Whispers in November, 2019, when I was going through a difficult time coping with my hopes for something that was unlikely to happen. Whispers was published on another blog under a pen name. Given that it is one of my favorite poems, I wanted it to live among the first posted here.

Whether we perceive dark feelings or light feelings depends on where we focus our thoughts. Sometimes, when all we feel is dark, we must reach out to the ones who give us light. Light is all around us. Light loves us. And many times, what we perceive to be dark isn’t dark at all. Many times, it’s our perception (and all our personal history that feeds perception) that derails us.

Here is my reading of Whispers:

sweet words kiss my breast

cadences catch my breath

whispers only I know

swelling my heart


anticipated whispers only I feel

dragonfly wishes beat inside

flutters catch my breath

filling my heart


adored whispers only I love

sensual intoxication reveals me

reciprocations catch my breath

floating my heart











trickery of trust

bleed upon beautiful blades

waiting for nevermore

smiles catch my breath

felling my heart


disappointed whispers

only I know love made to vanity

pretty promises breathed through false teeth

hurts catch my breath

felling my heart


guarded whispers

only I see sweet lies walking other ways

cadences steal my breath

felling my heart


betrayed whispers

only I know expectations ground to sand on which I stand

sinking my heart

sinking my all into dark

until true love hears

until true love sees

until true love feels







and holds out a steady hand for me to grasp

Northwind Switchgrass is one of my favorite grasses, so I have it planted in several places around my home. I took this photo in September 2020. I love the soft, unfocused, grainy quality of this image. To me, it whispers.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!

© Ann Garcia