Happy 2021!

Today, I present My January Dream, which is one of my favorite poems due to its fresh, flirty nature. It is a love poem that reflects the snowy first day of January that has brightened my window.

I created a regular rhyme scheme and rhythm for this poem, so it is considered a formal verse poem. I hope you enjoy it!

As always, I’m wishing you great health and much happiness for this year and many more. Thank you for stopping by!


Listen to me read My January Dream

my January eyes

love a January sky

where January birds

wing a January sigh

for my January hopes

of a January scene

bright with January snow

from my January dream

laced with January sun

on my January skin

while your January heart

feeds my January grin

for our January love

is my January treat

in my January mind

we, in January, meet

I took this photo of a rose in December 2020. It’s part of a bouquet that a loved one bought me for the holidays.

© Ann Garcia

8 thoughts

    1. Oh, I’m so happy My January Dream felt that way for you, Susanne! Thank you for your lovely comment. ❤ Happy New Year to you!


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