After years of honing my craft, developing editorial skills, and unearthing the artist-self I’d buried decades ago, I’m ready to take this leap into the unknown. 

I will be publishing my writing.

I’ve established River Blossoms Press (RB Press), my greatest creative endeavor, to experience the reward of publishing books that I create. I will be diving into cover design, interior layout, publishing platforms, and everything a writer needs to do when publishing a quality book. And what makes RB Press stand out from the crowd?

River Blossoms Press is a publishing house founded for artistic expression.

RB Press is a creative playground where I spend time to reward myself and release the stresses of life. If anyone besides my closest friends happen to buy my books, I’ll be thrilled. What a bonus that would be!

At this time, I’m compiling my first poetry chapbook, Fantastical, For Real. My first steps in creating this chapbook include polishing my selected poems and brainstorming my cover design. I have many ideas for my cover art, and I am determined to make the art myself. Those of you who have been following me on Instagram know that I love taking photos. The cover design for Fantastical, For Real is likely to be bold and bright and may or may not include my photography.

If you’re curious about how my publishing endeavors will unfold, please follow me here and on Instagram. I plan to blog about progress in creating my books, cover design elements as I create them, and my editorial tricks and tips. 

How might this benefit you, fellow artists?

I have a dream of inviting other writers to submit for publication through RB Press. Whether RB Press will move beyond strict self-publishing is an uncertainty right now; it is likely to depend on how much outside interest this creative endeavor obtains. If you choose to follow, you might learn a little more about the process (or how not to do this thing), which might help you out on your own publishing path someday!

What is the reward for you, poetry and introspective fiction lovers?

Well, if you enjoy my writing, you’ll get the inside scoop right here. At this time, I do not have a newsletter, so following is the place to start. 

If you’d like to watch this blossom unfold, please follow the RB Press Blog and me, Ann Garcia (@solaceinraindrops), on Instagram.

I have turned off like buttons because I prefer interaction, so please leave a comment if you have something positive to say. I’d love to hear from you!

Little Mischief Rose