I am thrilled that River Blossoms Press soon will release its first publication, Fantastical for Real—a poetry chapbook! Over the past month, several people have told me they’re unfamiliar with chapbooks, so I thought I’d explain what they are and why I’ve chosen to publish them. 

What is a chapbook?

A chapbook is a short book focused on a specific theme. Traditional chapbooks are saddle-stitched, like a pamphlet or magazine, and they typically range from 20 to 40 pages. Often, they are composed of a small collection of poetry, but some chapbooks include short stories or other types of writing. Chapbooks published by River Blossoms Press will be available as ebooks and paperbacks. 

Why publish chapbooks?


Life is busy and, when I sit down to enjoy a book, I’m on limited time. If I sit down to read a novel, I’m lucky if I make it through a chapter before I must put the book down due to interruptions (demands of family) or exhaustion (demands of life). If you’re like me, you must read in small doses; a poetry chapbook in a small dose easily consumed in one sitting (or maybe two).


In addition to presenting a complete collection of poetry or fiction in a small dose, chapbooks focus on a specific theme. This means that each chapbook published by River Blossoms Press will have its own flavor and feel. For example, my first chapbook, Fantastical for Real, is a small collection of prose poems inspired by a metaphysical connection between a soul mate and I—a fantastical (for real) experience that resulted in significant inner growth. 

Fantastical for Real will appeal to readers who enjoy lyrical prose poetry with fantastical elements, but this chapbook will not appeal to everyone (of course). In hopes of offering a diverse set of books, over time, River Blossoms Press has plans for chapbooks of other styles (e.g., formal verse, short fiction) and other topics (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, nature, ekphrastic poetry). 

When will Fantastical for Real be released?


River Blossoms Press is my greatest creative endeavor, and I fit it into my life between my full-time obligations as a parent/wife/professional. The release of my first chapbook is taking a little longer than planned, but that’s okay. Beautiful things come to those who wait. 

If you have any questions or thoughts for me, please comment below!