I have a dream that, someday, I will invite other writers to submit for publication through River Blossoms Press. As noted in a previous blog post, whether my publishing house will move beyond strict self-publishing is an uncertainty right now; it is likely to depend on how much outside interest this creative endeavor obtains. Well, guess what.

Outside interest has been expressed.

As I consider how to move forward with a submission process, I can’t help but come back to a single thought: No artist should let themselves feel rejected.

I spent years querying literary agents, and I received a long list of rejections. Because I wished for my novel to be published, those rejections hurt, and, through that pain, I let myself believe that my writing was inadequate and that my story wasn’t good enough. But those words, ‘inadequate’ and ‘not good enough’, are exactly why the foundation underlying River Blossoms Press is so critical…

River Blossoms Press is a publishing house founded for artistic expression.

Now that I’m on a new path, I’ve allowed myself to submit some of my poetry for publication elsewhere. I had avoided this while querying my novel due to never wanting to feel hurt over my poetry. Well…if you’ve checked out my Author page, you see that some editors like my poetry well enough to publish it! I’m happy I was brave enough to try!

To all artists and writers who feel trapped, unwanted, or hurt through rejections from the publishing industry, always remember that your art is your art. Nobody can take that away from you. Love what you create; it exists because you exist, and that’s precious.

So, here are my thoughts about acceptance:

If, someday, I open River Blossoms Press for submissions, I will accept writing that 1) I love and 2) fits the theme of the project I’m putting together. If a writer’s work is accepted, it meets those two requirements. If a writer’s work is not accepted, it means nothing.

It means nothing.

After all, there are many works of art, music, and writing, that I do not especially love, but other people adore them!

Artists and writers, remember to be true to you. Keep strengthening your craft. Keep learning. And keep in mind that making money off your art is never as important as making your art.

Let your art breathe and, always, have fun!

Fantastical for Real – Ann Garcia’s unique brand of prose poetry – Coming 6.1.2021