Dreams are coming true. My first publication, Fantastical for Real, is now available on Amazon, Kobo, and Apple Books! This chapbook was an exercise in creativity, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together.

The cover art was created from a photograph of daisies and other flowers. I took a handful of flowers out of a bouquet, laid them on a black foam board out on the pavement just before sunset, and took a bunch of photos. Then, I found a photo that I suspected would work well for my cover and processed it to create the vivid (fantastical) color effects you see in the background.

The “i” in Fantastical also was a daisy (of course), which I had lain down on that same black foam board. I pulled the petals forward and bent the neck so that it “looked” at me while I took pictures. Adobe Photoshop allowed me to remove the black background and place everything on the cover just the way I wanted it.

I love my cover. And I love the words inside it. To fellow creatives: remember to be true to you. River Blossoms Press and Fantastical for Real exist because I exist. My brain did this, and I’m proud of that fact. Strive to create what your brain wishes to create. You never know what beautiful things might exist just because you did.

So, here it is. Fantastical for Real…

Fantastical for Real

Chapbook – prose poetry

Ann Garcia

Fantastical for Real invites you to escape adulthood, think outside life’s box, and join Ann Garcia on a (self) love journey via her unique brand of prose poetry. Inspired by a metaphysical connection that resulted in significant inner growth, Fantastical for Real weaves appreciation for nature into Ann’s concept of the creative’s self, the creative’s soul mate, and the potential found inside where hopes and disappointments play tug-of-war while the soul plans its triumph.


“What a lovely book!

I thoroughly connected with, and enjoyed Ann’s words of love, nature and self.

The cover is beautifully designed as well. It would look amazing on any coffee table.”

Amazon Review – Verified Purchase

“Ann Garcia’s poetry is special, it tugs at your heart. It awakens the child within us. It reaches places in us we may not wish to acknowledge as grown ups. It speaks of a connection that few of us ever get to experience. We have been given the key to an enchanted forest accessed by poetry. Led by words, down a path of dreams, with nature’s child leading the way. Being lost is part of the attraction, in this secret world we can access whenever we choose.”

Amazon Review – Verified Purchase


Fantastical for Real