Ann Garcia

Ann writes poetry because she once wrote a novel and realized she cared most about the sentences. 

Ann Garcia has a Ph.D. in psychology with expertise in learning, behavior, and neurodiversity. Her creative writing, which is highly introspective and emotion-driven, primarily explores nature, self, and love. She draws inspiration from waters and woodlands within the Great Lakes region of the USA and her life as a wife/artist/mother/scientist.

Ann is active within the poetry community on Instagram where she’s a member of The First Line Poets Project. Find her on Instagram @solaceinraindrops. Her poetry books and fiction are forthcoming right here at River Blossoms Press.


  • FANTASTICAL FOR REAL (forthcoming, Spring 2021)

Ann is a contributor in the the following:

  • First Line Poets Anthology (forthcoming, Spring 2021)
  • A.B.Baird Publishing: Golden Flowers, An A.B.Baird Annual (forthcoming, Spring 2021)
  • humana obscura: issue 2 (April 2021)
  • blood moon POETRY: issue #1 (December, 2020)


Today is both World Down Syndrome Day and World Poetry Day, so what better way to celebrate than to share a write related to both! Trisomy, first published by blood moon POETRY, relates to the inner growth I experienced after giving birth to my youngest child, who has Down syndrome (Trisomy 21). When I was […]

Winter Wait

March 2021 is almost here, and I’m extremely excited for spring! I wrote Winter Wait several years ago, and I still love it. It was inspired by a writing challenge: Write a different version of a ‘roses are red…’ poem. I went so far off the beaten path that I never entered this poem in […]

My January Dream

Happy 2021! Today, I present My January Dream, which is one of my favorite poems due to its fresh, flirty nature. It is a love poem that reflects the snowy first day of January that has brightened my window. I created a regular rhyme scheme and rhythm for this poem, so it is considered a […]


Undying is a love poem written from the perspective of a reader to a poet–any reader, any poet. It is an expression of desire for that deep connection a reader feels when a poem touches the sweet spot of emotion, and it is a request for the poet to keep writing so that their words […]


Slipstream is a prose poem about irrational disappointment that follows nonsensical expectations. This disappointment prevents the narrator from living in the moment; instead, the narrator perseverates on the past until they move their mind beyond the self-made pain. In this poem, the phrase “cricket songs scratch the drums” represents the mental anguish caused by silence […]


I feel like sharing a poem today, so I will. Contradiction is another villanelle, which I wrote to express the frustration I feel when I run into roadblocks on my journey toward a goal.


I wrote Realign in December 2019 in anticipation of a new year. It is a poem about finding strength within oneself in spite of the naysayer or worry wart or punisher living inside one’s mind. If I’d known a global pandemic were coming to thrust the masses into a mental health crisis, I’d have considered […]


I wrote Whispers in November, 2019, when I was going through a difficult time coping with my hopes for something that was unlikely to happen. Whispers was published on another blog under a pen name. Given that it is one of my favorite poems, I wanted it to live among the first posted here. Whether […]