Today is both World Down Syndrome Day and World Poetry Day, so what better way to celebrate than to share a write related to both!

Trisomy, first published by blood moon POETRY, relates to the inner growth I experienced after giving birth to my youngest child, who has Down syndrome (Trisomy 21).

When I was pregnant for this special child, my maternal-fetal specialist told me that, if more people made our choice to let our baby live (not abort), our communities would enjoy the love of many more people with Down syndrome.

My son is beautiful, has taught me much, and I cherish how I’ve grown because of knowing him. Every life has its challenges, and it’s not always easy, but I cannot imagine my soul journeying down any other path. I’m blessed to be right here…


I swallowed the moon 
on the night you were born
so reflections of you 
would guide my way, Son.

I was afraid,
         so afraid, but,

for love of you,
I embraced my tears 
in my world gone dark
by stereotypical fears,
         the senseless kind that bound me.

   Your eyes untied me.

   Your voice unwound me.

While I lay with you at my breast, Son, the moon shone bright.

Now I ponder my light 
as it shimmers in my wake. Beautiful,
         so beautiful beneath a blanket of stars.

You brought me here, Son,

         to this place where I radiate love. 

Ann Garcia

Do you love someone who has Down syndrome? Or do you love someone who is extra special in a different way? If so, I’d love to hear some happy words about your experience. I’ve turned off like buttons because I prefer positive interaction, so feel free to comment below!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day and World Poetry Day!

Daisies by Ann Garcia

Winter Wait

March 2021 is almost here, and I’m extremely excited for spring! I wrote Winter Wait several years ago, and I still love it. It was inspired by a writing challenge: Write a different version of a ‘roses are red…’ poem. I went so far off the beaten path that I never entered this poem in the challenge.

Winter Wait is a formal verse poem. It has a regular rhyme scheme and rhythm. Some rhythmic deviation was included for artistic flow.

Listen to me read Winter Wait

My roses drop yesterday petals;
they tumble o'er pine needle trails
where once our souls bathed in caresses
of summer-kissed breeze in the vale.
My heathers bloom black lilac songs;
they wash over rocks in the stream
where skipping stones smiled for the taking
in autumnal shadow moonbeams.
My snowdrops loose ivory tears;
they quench roots for oak canopies
where my soul awaits the fair red-breast on wing
in loathsome blue winter-frost breeze.
My heart pulses nectar of plum;
it nourishes spaces between
to fuel my soul weary with want for your light
till your sweet spring iris perceive.

Thank you for stopping by to read a little of my work today. If you like this poem, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below! I wish you the best today and a fabulous March 2021!

A photo of ice crystals on my redbud.
Photo © Ann Garcia January 2021

My January Dream

Happy 2021!

Today, I present My January Dream, which is one of my favorite poems due to its fresh, flirty nature. It is a love poem that reflects the snowy first day of January that has brightened my window.

I created a regular rhyme scheme and rhythm for this poem, so it is considered a formal verse poem. I hope you enjoy it!

As always, I’m wishing you great health and much happiness for this year and many more. Thank you for stopping by!


Listen to me read My January Dream

my January eyes

love a January sky

where January birds

wing a January sigh

for my January hopes

of a January scene

bright with January snow

from my January dream

laced with January sun

on my January skin

while your January heart

feeds my January grin

for our January love

is my January treat

in my January mind

we, in January, meet

I took this photo of a rose in December 2020. It’s part of a bouquet that a loved one bought me for the holidays.

© Ann Garcia

The Warrior Inside

The Warrior Inside was inspired by a dream in which I wandered dim, cobblestone hallways. Mirrors were everywhere, reflecting everything, and I was lost. This poem explores the concept of losing oneself while pursuing life goals, then finding redirection toward true self through reflection and reconnection with inborn passions–one’s true purpose in this life.

I created a regular rhyme scheme and rhythm for this poem, so it is considered a formal verse poem.

Listen to me read The Warrior Inside

Exploration of my former self took place within a dream.
I wandered mirrored corridors with candles lit between.
Breezes of a spiteful kind blew out the light within
while I stood still and lonely in a corridor gone dim.

I felt my pockets for a key to open Nowhere’s door,
for I recalled that’s where I went when young and insecure.
It’s odd how deep my pockets felt when searching my insides,
as if the key to Nowhere were a figment of my mind.

Instead, I found a love note signed by me, myself, and I,
sealed with the drop of blood I bled before my dreams ran dry.
It crackled when I opened up the folds that aged with me.
I marveled at my words, still black on white—my memories.

They’d cried upon the page, I knew, for I could see them run,
their hearts broken by all the things I’d said yet hadn’t done.
Their stardust, long decayed, clung to my fingertips and prayed
for all the magic things I wrote to find their winged way.

I touched the blackened dust to both my lips and then my eyes,
for if I were to see again, I needed them to guide.
Just as they had when penned ‘neath beams of sun and candlelight,
they’d grant my voice the will to speak while I regained my sight.

I called to the unknown, alone, expecting no return,
but in the depths of somewhere, the old self inside me burned.
Alight with all her hopes I had forgotten in my stride,
I told myself to wake, embrace, the warrior inside.

For me, this photo of the Autumn Blaze Maple standing in my front yard compliments The Warrior Inside beautifully.
© Ann Garcia October 2020

Thank you for reading The Warrior Inside.

I want you to know that I have a happy announcement! Tomorrow, 12-20-20, one of my new poems will be published by blood moon POETRY. I am honored that one of my poems was selected for their inaugural issue. I will be sharing a link here on after it is released. Please consider coming back to check it out!

Have a blessed day!

© Ann Garcia


Undying is a love poem written from the perspective of a reader to a poet–any reader, any poet. It is an expression of desire for that deep connection a reader feels when a poem touches the sweet spot of emotion, and it is a request for the poet to keep writing so that their words live on.

Listen to me read Undying

kiss my unsung

your lips know its melody

ancient is its unhurried time signature

unworried, it shall tumble onto

your seeking tongue

while you

stroke my unseen

your touch knows its curve

prudent is its age-worn path toward eventide

unwound, it shall guide

your bleeding wrist

for it

wants my unloved

your heart knows its sorrow

fleeting is its moment on eager parchment


unleashed, it shall declare wishes

for those who yearn to perceive

your unsung, contemplate

your unseen, embrace

your unloved

through words undying

we breathe

Fraser Fir Leaves
© Ann Garcia 2020

© Ann Garcia


Slipstream is a prose poem about irrational disappointment that follows nonsensical expectations. This disappointment prevents the narrator from living in the moment; instead, the narrator perseverates on the past until they move their mind beyond the self-made pain.

In this poem, the phrase “cricket songs scratch the drums” represents the mental anguish caused by silence during a period of waiting to hear from a loved one who remains silent.

Listen to me read Slipstream

I’m weary from missing you in the slipstream following beautiful moments gone awry in my heart.

Cricket songs scratch the drums.

Blood of the heart song spills into yesterday reassurances. They flow down the drain with sludge from the storm.

Cricket songs scratch the drums.

I lick rain from my wrist to savor hopes before they’re forgotten.

Cricket songs scratch the drums.

Bleeding is easier now–like a memory slipping to sleep.

Cricket songs scratch the drums.

I’m weary from missing you in the slipstream following beautiful moments.

Your lovely dark haunts my dreams while cricket songs scratch the drums.

Let them bleed my heart–bleed hard–so that I may live again.

Dew on Northwind Switchgrass
© Ann Garcia November 2020

Do you sometimes get lost in the slipstream?

© Ann Garcia


I feel like sharing a poem today, so I will. Contradiction is another villanelle, which I wrote to express the frustration I feel when I run into roadblocks on my journey toward a goal. This particular poem was inspired by the challenges I encountered while striving toward a goal for one of my favorite pieces of writing.

Contradiction is written in iambic tetrameter with 9 syllables in each verse. The refrains (found in the first and third verses of the first tercet) are written in iambic tetrameter with a moving pyrrhic to vary the rhythm, which adds a waltz-like lilt to the poem. Fourteen of the nineteen verses in this poem follow the same rule. The remaining five verses break the rule, which I appreciate because I enjoy rhythmic diversity. I am a dancer and this poem reflects me in terms of theme and rhythm.

Listen to my reading of Contradiction

Some nights I dance with tears in my eyes.

Discordant melodies blur my mind,

yet, with every step, my passions rise.

Wicked Waltz – my validation’s prize.

Innocent wishes trampled, maligned.

Some nights I dance with tears in my eyes.

Into the floor, my honesty cries.

A burdensome love through me entwined,

yet, with every step, my passions rise.

I burn inhaling my lover’s lines.

My will to their pretensions confined.

Some nights I dance with tears in my eyes.

Desire to release destiny’s ties

bleeds words from a fateful contract signed,

yet, with every step, my passions rise.

Fulfillment my tenacity buys

when waltzing with my melody mind.

Some nights I dance with tears in my eyes

yet, with every step, my passions rise.

A Dried Rose
I selected this photo because it reminds me of a flower given to a dancer following a performance. In this case, the flower is dried, representing my past as a dancer and choreographer. It is a memory. © Ann Garcia November 2020

When I run into roadblocks, I consider the purpose of what I’m trying to do. If I identify a clear purpose, and if that purpose feels right, I find a way around the roadblock to continue on my way.

What do you do when you run into roadblocks on your way toward a goal?

© Ann Garcia


I wrote Realign in December 2019 in anticipation of a new year. It is a poem about finding strength within oneself in spite of the naysayer or worry wart or punisher living inside one’s mind. If I’d known a global pandemic were coming to thrust the masses into a mental health crisis, I’d have considered holding it for release until December 2020 (as a reminder that we can always start over). But I didn’t know and I released Realign under a pen name at the New Year 2020 on a website I’m no longer using. I’ve revised Realign a bit and now I’m pairing it with one of my own photos here on (you’ll see the photo at the end of the post).

Realign is a villanelle, which is my favorite poetic form. defines the villanelle as a highly structured poem made up of five tercets followed by a quatrain, with two repeating rhymes and two refrains. In my opinion, this form creates a lovely rhythm combined with a mature rhyme scheme. Writing in this form forces me to think–it’s a mini challenge for my creative mind. To date, I’ve written 4 villanelle, and I love each one. Within a world where free verse is preferred and rhyme is unwanted, I still write poetry that I love to write. I adore the structure of this poetic form.

Realign is written in iambic heptameter; deviations in meter are evident in two of the verses. Within Realign, I use a mix of slant rhyme and perfect rhyme.

Here is my reading of Realign:

You live in one who has the strength it takes to realign.

Grasp solace deep within your bones. Unfractured you shall stand

to save your soul song from the mind in you that’s gone awry.

Your sadness blooms in fields less green where childhood freedoms died.

Through lenses formed by social screams, a vision clear is banned.

You live in one who has the strength it takes to realign.

A courage fierce safeguards a mind and heart in full supply

to love as self should always love. This element demands

to save your soul song from the mind in you that’s gone awry.

Remove world-blackened rules, destructive, forced upon your eyes.

Suffer not unsighted ones who spew unthinking commands.

You live in one who has the strength it takes to realign.

Release thick toxic flow of will and let your spirit guide.

Embrace bright moments crystal clear and lead your footsteps grand

to save your soul song from the mind in you that’s gone awry.

May peace unlatch your rusted cage to grant your soul song flight.

Bleed a phrase for thoughts that drain. Nurture inner health. Expand.

You live in one who has the strength it takes to realign

to save your soul song from the mind in you that’s gone awry.

I took this photo in October 2020 while visiting a pumpkin farm. Yes, I had my wide-angle lens on my iPhone during our visit, and I’m so glad I did. I’m in love with this photo! For me, it represents the strength mentioned in Realign. Trees are beautiful creatures–they remind us everything is temporary, yet, if we remain steadfast, we shall bloom again.

Thank you for reading. I’m wishing you a fabulous today and tomorrow!

© Ann Garcia


I wrote Whispers in November, 2019, when I was going through a difficult time coping with my hopes for something that was unlikely to happen. Whispers was published on another blog under a pen name. Given that it is one of my favorite poems, I wanted it to live among the first posted here.

Whether we perceive dark feelings or light feelings depends on where we focus our thoughts. Sometimes, when all we feel is dark, we must reach out to the ones who give us light. Light is all around us. Light loves us. And many times, what we perceive to be dark isn’t dark at all. Many times, it’s our perception (and all our personal history that feeds perception) that derails us.

Here is my reading of Whispers:

sweet words kiss my breast

cadences catch my breath

whispers only I know

swelling my heart


anticipated whispers only I feel

dragonfly wishes beat inside

flutters catch my breath

filling my heart


adored whispers only I love

sensual intoxication reveals me

reciprocations catch my breath

floating my heart











trickery of trust

bleed upon beautiful blades

waiting for nevermore

smiles catch my breath

felling my heart


disappointed whispers

only I know love made to vanity

pretty promises breathed through false teeth

hurts catch my breath

felling my heart


guarded whispers

only I see sweet lies walking other ways

cadences steal my breath

felling my heart


betrayed whispers

only I know expectations ground to sand on which I stand

sinking my heart

sinking my all into dark

until true love hears

until true love sees

until true love feels







and holds out a steady hand for me to grasp

Northwind Switchgrass is one of my favorite grasses, so I have it planted in several places around my home. I took this photo in September 2020. I love the soft, unfocused, grainy quality of this image. To me, it whispers.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!

© Ann Garcia