In April 2020, I discovered I love taking photographs, so I decided to buy some lenses for the camera on my iPhone 6. I purchased the CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens, and I’m a happy customer. Some of the photos you see on this site were taken on an old iPhone through a set of very affordable lenses.

In November 2020, I purchased an iPhone 11 (not the PRO). I’m loving the new cameras (there are two cameras on this phone), and I am happy that the CoPedvic lenses fit the new camera as well as they fit the old one. All of the photos posted on this site as of November 14, 2020, were taken on my iPhone 11.

Little Mischief Rose
Autumn Blaze Maple
Dew on Northwind Switchgrass

Photography Blog Posts

An Autumn Bouquet Through a Wide-Angle Lens

A dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful bouquet to help me celebrate my favorite month: October. It was delivered today, and I couldn’t resist taking photos! This is my first post about photography, and I’m a little nervous. But nerves never stop me! Keep in mind that I’m a hobby photographer who is …

A November Morning Through a Macro Filter

The macro lens. Back in April, when I told a friend of mine I’d developed an interest in taking pictures of flowers, he said something about macro and Georgia O’Keeffe. I knew I’d heard the name Georgia O’Keeffe at some point in my life, but, I’m sorry to admit, I couldn’t remember who she was. …