Free Verse Poetry


I wrote Whispers in November, 2019, when I was going through a difficult time coping with my hopes for something that was unlikely to happen. Whispers was published on another blog under a pen name. Given that it is one of my favorite poems, I wanted it to live among the first posted here. WhetherContinue reading “Whispers”


Slipstream is a prose poem about irrational disappointment that follows nonsensical expectations. This disappointment prevents the narrator from living in the moment; instead, the narrator perseverates on the past until they move their mind beyond the self-made pain. In this poem, the phrase “cricket songs scratch the drums” represents the mental anguish caused by silenceContinue reading “Slipstream”


Undying is a love poem written from the perspective of a reader to a poet–any reader, any poet. It is an expression of desire for that deep connection a reader feels when a poem touches the sweet spot of emotion, and it is a request for the poet to keep writing so that their wordsContinue reading “Undying”

Formal Verse Poetry


I wrote Realign in December 2019 in anticipation of a new year. It is a poem about finding strength within oneself in spite of the naysayer or worry wart or punisher living inside one’s mind. If I’d known a global pandemic were coming to thrust the masses into a mental health crisis, I’d have consideredContinue reading “Realign”


I feel like sharing a poem today, so I will. Contradiction is another villanelle, which I wrote to express the frustration I feel when I run into roadblocks on my journey toward a goal.